About the package


  • Prof. Daniela Matia PAMPANIN
    University of Stavanger, UiS
  • Prof. Thomas BRAUNBECK
    University of Heidelberg, UHEI

Work Package 4 will disseminate project activities and results to different typologies of audiences, ranging from expert scientists, political decision-makers, pharmaceutical industries, citizenships and students. Beside the inclusion in the Advisory Board of representatives of European pharmacological industries, a stakeholder panel will be part of the PHARMASEA Project to guarantee strong connections with pharma companies, wastewater treatment plants engineers and managers, political authorities, Non Governmental Organizations and citizens. We will also collaborate with economists with expertise in environmental valuation and bioeconomic modelling to produce an auxiliary economic analysis relevant for stakeholders, public resource managers, and policymakers. WP4 will implement Joint Transnational best practices guidelines to ensure scientific outcomes, policy-related content and societal impact of the project is communicated within national and international frameworks.